Youth Easy Books

New Non-Fiction Titles - February 2012

Ackroyd, Peter The death of King Arthur 398.20941 ACKRO
Addis, Michael E. Invisible men : men's inner lives and the consequences of silence 155.332 ADDIS
Adler, Tamar An everlasting meal : cooking with economy and grace 641.01 ADLER
Bailey, Richard W. Speaking American : a history of English in the United States 427.973 BAILE
Barr, James A line in the sand : the Anglo-French struggle for the Middle East, 1914-1948 956.03 BARR
Barrett, Paul Glock : the rise of America's gun 623.44 BARRE
Beck, Glenn Being George Washington : the indispensable man, as you've never seen him BIOGRAPHY WASHINGTON
Betts, Richard K. American force : dangers, delusions, and dilemmas in national security 355 BETTS
Bidner, Jenni Focus on digital portrait photography 778.92 BIDNE
Blaine, Gerald The Kennedy detail : JFK's secret service agents break their silence 973.922 BLAIN
Bonin, Richard Arrows of the night : Ahmad Chalabi's long journey to triumph in Iraq 956.7044 BONIN
Bratton, William J. Collborate or perish! : reaching across boundaries in a networked world 658.4 BRATT
Burleigh, Nina The fatal gift of beauty : the trials of Amanda Knox 364.1523 BURLE
Cain, Susan Quiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking 155.232 CAIN
Carroll, Linda The concussion crisis : anatomy of a silent epidemic 617.4 CARRO
Cohen, Patricia In our prime : the invention of middle age 305.244 COHEN
Costigliola, Frank Roosevelt's lost alliances : how personal politics helped start the Cold War 940.5322 COSTI
Crease, Robert P. World in the balance : the historic quest for an absolute system of measurement 530.8 CREAS
Crowley, Roger City of fortune : how Venice ruled the seas 945.31 CROWL
Davies, Norman Vanished kingdoms : the rise and fall of states and nations 940 DAVIE
Dent, Harry S. The great crash ahead : strategies for a world turned upside down 330.973 DENT
Denton, Sally The plots against the president : FDR, a nation in crisis, and the rise of the American right 973.917 DENTO
Deutsch, Stephanie You need a schoolhouse : Booker T. Washington, Julius Rosenwald, and the building of schools for the segregated South 379.26 DEUTS
  Do it yourself kitchens : stunning spaces on a shoestring budget 643.3 DOIT
Dowling, Mike C. Sergeant Rex : the unbreakable bond between a Marine and his military working dog 956.7044 DOWLI
Dykstra, Natalie Clover Adams : a gilded and heartbreaking life BIOGRAPHY ADAMS
Eide, Kai Power struggle over Afghanistan : an inside look at what went wrong, and what we can do to repair the damage 958.1047 EIDE
Epstein, Joseph Gossip : the untrivial pursuit 302.23 EPSTE
Estabrook, Barry Tomatoland : how modern industrial agriculture destroyed our most alluring fruit 338.1 ESTAB
Everett, Allen Time travel and warp drives : a scientific guide to shortcuts through time and space 530.11 EVERE
Feinstein, Andrew The shadow world : inside the global arms trade 338.47 FEINS
Feinstein, John One on one : behind the scenes with the greats in the game 796.323 FEINS
Finch, David The journal of best practices : a memoir of marriage, Asperger syndrome and one man's quest to be a better husband 618.9289 FINCH
Fisher, Carrie Shockaholic BIOGRAPHY FISHER
Fitzpatrick, Robert Betrayal 363.25 FITZP
  Forks over knives : the plant-based way to health 641.5636 FORKS
Frank, Thomas Pity the billionaire : the hard times swindle and the unlikely comeback of the Right 973.932 FRANK
Friedman, Thomas L. That used to be us : how America fell behind in the world it invented and how we can come back 303.4833 FRIED
Graedon, Joe Top screwups doctors make and how to avoid them 610.28 GRAED
Grant, Kimi Cunningham Silver like dust : one family's story of America's Japanese internment 940.5314 GRANT
Gruber, Jonathan Health care reform : what it is, why it's necessary, how it works 362.1 GRUBE
Hamilton, Adam The journey : walking the road to Bethlehem 232.92 HAMIL
Hamilton, Allan J. Zen mind, zen horse : the science and spirituality of working with horses 636.1 HAMIL
Hammond, Darrell God, if you're not up there, I'm f*cked : tales of stand-up, Saturday Night Live, and other mind-altering mayhem BIOGRAPHY HAMMOND
Harris, Brayton Admiral Nimitz : the commander of the Pacific Ocean theater 940.5459 HARRI
Harrison, Guy P. 50 popular beliefs that people think are true 001.96 HARRI
Hastings, Michael The operators : the wild and terrifying inside story of America's war in Afghanistan 958.1047 HASTI
Hellwarth, Ben Sealab : America's forgotten quest to live and work on the ocean floor 551.46 HELLW
Holland, Jennifer S. Unlikely friendships : 47 remarkable stories from the animal kingdom 591.5 HOLLA
  Home upgrades under $600 643.7 HOME
Howard, Hugh Mr. and Mrs. Madison's war : America's first couple and the second war of independence 973.52 HOWAR
Hugo, Nancy R. Seeing trees : discover the extraordinary secrets of everyday trees 582.16 HUGO
Jenkins, Simon A short history of England : the glorious story of a rowdy nation 942 JENKI
Jones, Gregg R. Honor in the dust : Theodore Roosevelt, war in the Philippines, and the rise and fall of America's imperial dream 959.9 JONES
Judt, Tony Thinking the twentieth century 320 JUDT
Kabaservice, Geoffrey M. Rule and ruin : the downfall of moderation and the destruction of the Republican Party, from Eisenhower to the Tea Party 324.2734 KABAS
Klinenberg, Eric Going solo : the extraordinary rise and surprising appeal of living alone 306.81 KLINE
Kluth, Andreas Hannibal and me 937 KLUTH
Koofi, Fawzia The favored daughter : one woman's fight to lead Afghanistan into the future 958.1 KOOFI
Laqueur, Walter After the fall : the end of the European dream and the decline of a continent 940.56 LAQUE
Laufer, Peter No animals were harmed : the controversial line between entertainment and abuse 179.3 LAUFE
Lawlor, Veronica One drawing a day : a 6-week course exploring creativity with illustration and mixed media 741.2 LAWLO
Leiken, Robert S. Europe's angry Muslims 305.697 LEIKE
Mawdsley, Evan December 1941 : twelve days that began a world war 940.53 MAWDS
Murphy, Cullen God's jury : the Inquisition and the making of the modern world 272 MURPH
Newman, Katherine S. The accordion family : boomerang kids, anxious parents, and the private toll of global competition 306.874 NEWMA
Novak, David Taking people with you : the only way to make big things happen 658.409 NOVAK
Palmer, James Heaven cracks, earth shakes : the Tangshan earthquake and the death of Mao's China 951.05 PALME
Platt, Stephen R. Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom : China, the West, and the epic story of the Taiping Civil War 951 PLATT
Poundstone, William Are you smart enough to work at Google? : trick questions, zen-like riddles, insanely difficult puzzles, and other devious interviewing techniques you need to know to get a job in the new economy 658.311 POUND
Rasmussen, Eric The Shakespeare thefts : in search of the first folios 822.34 RASMU
Richmond, L. Aging as a spiritual practice : a contemplative guide to growing older and wiser 294.34 RICHM
Rickards, James Currency wars : the making of the next global crisis 332.4 RICKA
Roth, Joseph Joseph Roth : a life in letters BIOGRAPHY ROTH
Safer, Jeanne Cain's legacy : liberating siblings from a lifetime of rage, shame, secrecy, and regret 306.875 SAFER
Sarma, Dino Alternative vegan : international vegan fare straight from the produce aisle 641.5636 SARMA
Sasselov, Dimitar D. The life of super-Earths : how the hunt for alien worlds and artificial cells will revolutionize life on our planet 576.839 SASSE
Satter, David It was a long time ago, and it never happened anyway : Russia and the communist past 947.084 SATTE
Scheel, Judy When food is family : a loving approach to heal eating disorders 616.8526 SCHEE
Schneider, Bonnie Extreme weather : a guide to surviving flash floods, severe snowstorms, hurricanes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters 613.6 SCHNE
Schneider, Diane L. The complete book of bone health 616.716 SCHNE
Scroggins, Deborah Wanted women : faith, lies, and the war on terror : the lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafia Siddiqui 305.4869 SCROG
Servan-Schreiber, David Not the last goodbye : on life, death, healing, and cancer 616.994 SERVA
Seung, Sebastian Connectome : how the brain's wiring makes us who we are 612.82 SEUNG
Small, Gary W. The Alzheimer's prevention program : keep your brain healthy for the rest of your life 618.97 SMALL
  Small space decorating 747.1 SMALL
Smolenyak, Megan Hey, America, your roots are showing : adventures in discovering news-making connections, unexpected ancestors, long-hidden secrets, and solving historical puzzles 929.1 SMOLE
Spiegelman, Art MetaMaus 940.5318 SPIEG
Stein, James D. Cosmic numbers : the numbers that define our universe 530.11 STEIN
Taylor, Elizabeth Dowling A slave in the White House : Paul Jennings and the Madisons 306.362 TAYLO
Trapp, Gail The 8 second secret : the scientifically proven method for lasting weight loss : a fitter, firmer you in just 20 minutes a day 613.7 TRAPP
Treuer, David Rez life : an Indian's journey through reservation life 970.1 TREUE
Weber, Doron Immortal bird : a family memoir 362.19892 WEBER
Whitaker, Mark My long trip home : a family memoir 070.92 WHITA
Winner, Lauren F. Still : notes on a mid-faith crisis 283 WINNE
Woolfe, Raymond G. Secretariat 636.12 WOOLF
Yates, Jon What's your problem? 381.3 YATES
Zinczenko, David Drink this, not that! 613.2 ZINCZ
Zoellner, Tom A Safeway in Arizona : what the Gabrielle Giffords shooting tells us about the Grand Canyon State and life in America 328.73 ZOELL

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