2013 pumpkin fest

An Elepant in the Garden by Michael Morpurgo

It was the cover of "An Elephant in the Garden" that caught my eye.  Being an elephant lover made me pick up the book and then I saw  Michael Morpurgo (also wrote "War Horse") was the author and I knew it was a must read for me!  What a wonderful book!  This historical fiction is lovingly told through the memories of an elderly woman (Lizzie).   Lizzie is a resident in a nursing home and one day she tells her remarkable tale to her nurse and the nurse’s son.  Lizzie’s story takes the reader to Dresden, Germany and the horrors of war.  We are swept up in the escape of young Lizzie, her brother (Karli), her mother (Mutti), and  Marlene (the elephant) from the fires of Dresden brought on by the bombing.  This group of survivors travels through the countryside trying to escape the war.   "An Elephant in the Garden" was inspired by historical facts.   The city is really Belfast (Google “Belfast, Zoo, Elephant, WWII”) and the elephant’s real name was Sheila.   "An Elephant in the Garden" is a book full of kindness, love, compassion, forgiveness and perseverance.  Please check it out from the Youth Department!