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Spring Green

April 4, 2012

With springtime here, although the temps don’t prove it, I thought we would read some stories that shared a Green theme.  The first book we read was Picky Mrs. Pickle by Christine Schneider.  Now, this is a green book!  The pictures are vivid, splashy and full of movement.  Mrs. Pickle is very partial to anything green, but she doesn’t like to try new experiences, like Eggplant ice cream for example.  The children loved the silliness and sympathized with Mrs. Pickle’s reticence. 

Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a sweet little book about an unusual family of peas!  Little pea is a reluctant eater because he hates CANDY and CANDY is what is served three times a day.  Little Pea has to finish all his candy at every meal or he cannot have his favorite dessert…SPINACH!  The uncluttered pages with simple text and pictures were very appealing especially after the busyness of Mrs. Pickle. The book ends with the line “They lived hap-pea-ly every after which just struck a chord of laughter from the children.  They repeated it over and over enjoying the play on words.

We played with a few rhyming words and sang “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” using a cardboard prop and frog stick puppets.  The children were also eager to act out the song, so everyone was assigned a number 1 through 5 and then they dove into the “pool” rug at the right time.

We read Me Hungry by Jeremy Tankard where almost every page is green.  The children were a little puzzled with the idea of a cave boy and why he was carrying a “baseball bat.” The eternal problem of the stereotype.   But they certainly identified with the humor.  Again, simple pictures, simple text, lots of fun. 

Although there really was no green in this book, I couldn’t resist reading Let’s Count Goats by Mem Fox and illustrated by our favorite Jan Thomas.  The children enjoyed counting the goats on each page and surprisingly were not fooled by the last page when they were instructed to count goat “ears.”

Frog craftToday’s craft was a precut cardboard frog which the children colored and pasted google eyes on to and then inserted red party blowers into a slit in the mouth which became a long tongue.  These were a lot of fun and would make a good prop to accompany “Five green and speckled frogs.”  See you next week!

 Storytime Supplement

Colleen Swider