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Heberton Hall Use Information Sheet

Permitted uses in priority order:

1st - Library and Friends of the Library events - no use fee
2nd - City events – no use fee
3rd - Community events - use fee applies - see below

Both profit and non-profit groups may book the Hall.

Groups may charge a participant fee for their event and may sell items at the event, as long as a portion of proceeds from the fees or sales go to a non-profit organization or to a charitable organization.

No smoking is allowed in the building.
No alcoholic beverages are allowed without prior approval
of  the Keene City Council.

Description of the facility

The facility is located at 76 Winter St. adjacent to the west side of the Keene Public Library on Winter Street.  The areas available for use include a large hall with a stage and a kitchen.

Photos of Heberton Hall


38’ wide x 57’ long

22’ wide x 19’ deep
Height of stage from floor - 29 inches
Proscenium arch - 9’ 3” high
Distance from top of arch to ceiling - 1 foot

Room Capacity

Chairs only - 300
Tables and chairs - 149
Dining - 195
(Dining figure based on use of floor plan approved by the Keene Fire Dept.)

Chairs only - 40
Tables and chairs - 21
(Other stage configurations require prior approval of the Keene Fire Dept.) 


There is a kitchen. Use of the kitchen is limited to counters and sink. All plates, utensils, etc. must be provided by the applicant. There are electrical outlets, and a group may bring its own coffee/tea pot etc.


There are two bathrooms available in the area. They are both handicapped accessible.


Currently, there is metered parking on the grounds. On-street parking and the nearby county parking lot are also metered. All meters run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Meters on the grounds are 3 hours, and on the street, 2 hours. The county lot has both 2 hour and 10-hour meters.

Air conditioning

There is no air conditioning in the building.


There are 12 tables and 300 folding chairs. There is no other equipment available at the Hall. If more items are needed, the group will need to make other arrangements.

Use Fees 

Once an application is approved, the fee quoted will remain in effect for that booking. The use fee includes the cost of a supervisor.


$100 for three hours. Three hours is the minimum booking allowed. This covers set-up and take down time.  $35 for each additional hour.


There is an additional $25 fee for the use of the kitchen.


Custodial fees will be charged for cleaning the facility after each event. The fee is generally $25.00, but will depend on the specific requirements of the event. The fee will be set at the time the booking is approved.

The fee covers cleaning the floors, bathrooms, and kitchen and foyer areas. Groups are responsible for wiping off chairs and tables and putting them in the storage units which are located in the Hall.


All bookings are done by contacting Colleen Swider, c/o Keene Public Library, 60 Winter St, Keene, NH 03431.

Telephone number: 352-0157
Fax number: 603-283-5656, or contact Colleen Swider online

Groups must fill out a Heberton Hall Use Application Form and if not serving alcohol, a Revocable License and Indemnity Agreement.

If alcohol is to be served, a licensed caterer must be used or a license must be obtained from the New Hampshire Liquor Commission. Applicant must also receive permission from the Keene City Council by writing directly to the City Clerk, who will bring the request to the Council for approval. 

The booking is not final until the forms are approved. Confirmation will be sent to the organization stating the fee and deposit requirements.

All scheduling will be coordinated with other Library operations/activities. Some events may not be approved if it is determined that activities at the Library will compromise available parking.

Prior to 5 p.m. weekdays, events may be limited to no more than 20 people, depending upon anticipated impact on parking.

From 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday, the Hall may be used to the room capacity permitted by the Keene Fire Department.

In order to make the Hall as available as possible to the community, ongoing regular weekly or monthly meetings will not be booked. Groups will be limited to six advanced bookings. Exceptions may be made to this policy if the requested time is one that others generally don’t book.

Rules for use


There must be an approved supervisor at all events. Library and City staff will be responsible for serving in this capacity at their own events.

Supervisors for non-city, non-Library events will be selected from a trained group of Parks and Recreation Dept. personnel.

If a supervisor is not available for the day and time requested, the event will not be approved. The fee for the supervisor is included in the use fee.

A Certificate of Insurance must be provided naming the City as additional insured in the amount of $1,000,000.

If alcohol is to be served, a licensed caterer must be used and a letter sent to the City Council requesting approval of the use of alcohol.

Youth events:

If the Hall is booked for a youth event, adequate adult supervision is required at all times.

Supervisor/Youth ratio:

K-3: one adult for every 20 youths.
Grades 4-12: one adult for every 25 youths.

Supervisors for youth activities are in addition to the room supervisor.


Fire hazardous materials such as pyrotechnics, candles, and incense are not permitted on the premises.


Groups must state their sponsorship and are prohibited from making statements in their advertising or meeting announcements that suggest Library sponsorship or endorsement. Inquiries from the public concerning a specific event will be referred to the sponsoring organization.

Neither the name nor the address of the building may be used as an official address for an organization.

All public inquiries about an event will be referred to the contact person listed on the Use Application Form.

Denial of use

Failure to enforce these rules will result in denial of use.

Adopted: 01/31/07