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Keene Public Library Staff

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Full-time staff at Keene Public Library include:

Nancy Vincent - Library Director, 603-757-1842

Jennifer Bone - Head of Technical Services and Assistant Director, 603-757-1846
Susan Hansmeier - Circulation Supervisor, 603-757-1851
John Johnson - Head of Reference Services and Interlibrary Loan Librarian, 603-757-1847
Satum Siek - Custodian, 603-757-1853
Colleen Swider - Youth Librarian, 603-757-1844
Sean Wiley - Administrative Assistant, 603-757-1848
Sheila Williams - Audio-visual Librarian, 603-757-1850
Gail Zachariah - Head of Youth and Community Services, 603-757-1845

Part-time staff can be reached at 603-352-0157:

F. Dipesh Alesi - Library Page
Nancy Ancharski - Substitute Youth Librarian
Lesley Arnold - Youth Librarian
Cynthia Brewster - Circulation Library Aide
Linda Dunshee - Library Page
Yves Gakunde - Meeting Room and Event Supervisor
Jeanne Grubman - Substitute Youth Librarian
Jenna Henderson - Librarian and Circulation Library Aide
Dorothy Howard - Librarian
Cary Jardine - Digital Services Librarian, 603-757-1838  
Cassandra Johndrow - Circulation Library Aide
Alice Kingsbury - Book Preparation Library Aide and Library Page
Judy Koopmann - Adult Services Collection Development Librarian
Melinda Maguire - Circulation Library Aide
Maureen Meyer - Substitute Librarian
Stephen Percival - Library Page
Nancy Rafferty - Librarian
Sonia Sawyer - Circulation Library Aide
Donna Straitiff - Youth Librarian
Peggy Thornton - Book Preparation Library Aide and Circulation Library Aide