Montage 5

Historical Fiction: Europe

Europe - Prehistoric

Osborne, Chester G. The memory string
Darath and his sister spend a winter on the Siberian peninsula some 30,000 years ago learning how to heal, to use the moon sticks, and to remember the stories of the memory string before their tribe begins searching for a legendary land to the east where there are no people and lots of game.

Europe - The Roman Period

Moran, Katy. Bloodline 

While traveling through early seventh-century Britain trying to stop an impending war, Essa, who bears the blood of native British tribes and of the invading Anglish, discovers that his mother is alive and he, himself, is a prince of the northern kingdom, but he has loyalties and loved ones in the south to whom he is compelled to return.

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The eagle of the Ninth
A young centurion ventures among the hostile tribes beyond the Roman Wall to recover the eagle standard of the Ninth, a legion which mysteriously disappeared under his father's command.

Sutcliff, Rosemary. Knight's fee
Tells the story of Randal, a half-Saxon half-Breton lad in Norman England, an orphan left to fend for himself as a dog-boy in Arundel castle, and details his gradual rise to knighthood and freedom, at a terrible price.

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The lantern bearers
Set in the brief Romano-Celtic twilight between the end of the Roman Empire and the creation of Anglo-Saxon Britain, this is the story of Aquila, a Roman soldier who chooses to stay among his adopted people. However, his world crashes to pieces when he and his sister are enslaved by the Saxons, their father slain and their farm destroyed.

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The shining company
In 600 A.D. in northern Britain, Prosper becomes a shield bearer with the Companions, an army made up of three hundred younger sons of minor kings and trained to act as one fighting brotherhood against the invading Saxons.

Europe - Medieval and Middle Ages

Avi. Crispin: the cross of lead
Falsely accused of theft and murder, an orphaned peasant boy in fourteenth-century England flees his village and meets a larger-than-life juggler who holds a dangerous secret.

Black, Kat. A Templar's apprentice 
While trying to harness his power for prophetic visions, a fourteenth-century Scottish boy joins a Templar knight on his sacred quest to unearth an ancient relic.

Branford, Henrietta. Fire, bed, and bone
In 1381 in England, a hunting dog recounts what happens to his beloved master Rufus and his family when they are arrested on suspicion of being part of the peasants' rebellion led by Wat Tyler and the preacher John Ball.

Collins, Meghan. Maiden crown
Sixteen-year-old Sophie, having left her Russian homeland to marry the Danish king, struggles to preserve a sense of her own value against the court intrigue and double standards of 12th-century Denmark.

Cushman, Karen. Catherine, called Birdy
The thirteen-year-old daughter of an English country knight keeps a journal in which she records the events of her life, particularly her longing for adventures beyond the usual role of women and her efforts to avoid being married off.

Cushman, Karen. Matilda Bone
Fourteen-year-old Matilda, an apprentice bonesetter and practitioner of medicine in a village in medieval England, tries to reconcile the various aspects of her life, both spiritual and practical.

Cushman, Karen. The midwife's apprentice
In medieval England, a nameless, homeless girl is taken in by a sharp-tempered midwife, and in spite of obstacles and hardship, eventually gains the three things she most wants: a full belly, a contented heart, and a place in this world.

Furlong, Monica. Robin's country
A mute orphan boy, with only shadowy recollections of his past, runs away from his cruel master and eventually joins Robin Hood and his followers in their forest hideaway.

Hendry, Frances Mary. Quest for a maid
Aware of her sister's deadly efforts to secure the Scottish throne for Robert de Brus, Meg realizes she must protect the young Norwegian princess who has been chosen as rightful heir.

Konigsburg, E. L. A proud taste for scarlet and miniver
While waiting in heaven for divine judgement to be passed on her second husband, Eleanor of Aquitaine and three of the people who knew her well recall the events of her life.

McGraw, Eloise Jarvis. The striped ships
Juliana, an eleven-year-old Saxon girl, loses her home and family when the Normans conquer England in 1066 and seeks to order her life by becoming involved in the creation of the Bayeux tapestry.

Morris, Gerald. The squire's tale
In medieval England, fourteen-year-old Terence finds his tranquil existence suddenly changed when he becomes the squire of the young Gawain of Orkney and accompanies him on a long quest, proving Gawain's worth as a knight and revealing an important secret about his own true identity.

O'Dell, Scott. The road to Damietta
Deeply attached to the charming and carefree Francis Bernardone, Cecilia, a young noblewoman of Assisi, watches as he turns from his life of wealth and privilege, takes vows of poverty, and devotes himself to serving God by helping all those around him.

Platt, Richard. Castle diary: the journal of Tobias Burgess, page
As a page in his uncle's castle in thirteenth-century England, eleven-year-old Tobias records in his journal his experiences learning how to hunt, play games of skill, and behave in noble society. Includes notes on noblemen, castles, and feudalism.

Pyle, Howard. Men of iron
A boy's story of the time of Henry IV, of England, who, with the men of his court, are the "men of iron."

Scott, Walter, Sir. Ivanhoe
Ivanhoe, a trusted ally of Richard-the-Lion-Hearted, returns from the Crusades to reclaim the inheritance his father denied him. Rebecca, a vibrant, beautiful Jewish woman is defended by Ivanhoe against a charge of witchcraft--but it is Lady Rowena who is Ivanhoe's true love. The wicked Prince John plots to usurp England's throne, but two of the most popular heroes in all of English literature, Richard-the-Lion-Hearted and the well-loved famous outlaw, Robin Hood, team up to defeat the Normans and regain the castle.

Europe - Arthurian Era

McCaffrey, Anne. Black horses for the king
Galwyn, son of a Roman Celt, escapes from his tyrannical uncle and joins Lord Artos, later known as King Arthur, using his talent with languages and way with horses to help secure and care for the Libyan horses that Artos hopes to use in battle against the Saxons.

Morpurgo, Michael. Arthur, high king of Britain
A twelve-year-old boy comes across Arthur Pendragon, who has just awakened from his long sleep beneath the earth, and hears from him some of the exciting stories of his past.

Europe - Renaissance

Avi. Midnight magic
In Italy in 1491, Mangus the magician and his apprentice are summoned to the castle of Duke Claudio to determine if his daughter is indeed being haunted by a ghost.

Dana, Barbara. Young Joan
Joan, a girl growing up in the French countryside during the Hundred Years' War, begins to hear voices telling her she is destined to reunite her torn country in opposition to the English invaders.

Garden, Nancy. Dove and sword
In 1455 in France, Gabrielle is visited by Pierre d'Arc, a brother of Joan of Arc, and with him reminisces about their childhood together in Domremy and Joan's subsequent trial and burning at the stake at Rouen twenty-four years before.

Kelly, Eric Philbrook. The trumpeter of Krakow
A story of a courageous patriot and a mysterious jewel of great value.

Konigsburg, E. L. The second Mrs. Giaconda
Relates, from the point of view of his servant Salai, how Leonardo da Vinci came to paint the Mona Lisa.

Morpurgo, Michael. Joan of Arc of Domremy
While sitting on the riverbank in the ancient French city of Orleans, seventeen-year-old Eloise hears a voice which relates the adventures and struggles of the medieval heroine, Joan of Arc, as she fights to free France by driving out the English.

Stevenson, Robert Louis. The black arrow : a tale of the two roses
A young Englishman, seeking to avenge the death of his father, becomes involved in the band of the Black Arrow and the events of the War of the Roses.

Europe - 1500s

Cheaney, J. B. The playmaker
While working as an apprentice in a London theater company in 1597, fourteen-year-old Richard uncovers a mystery involving the disappearance of his father and a traitorous plot to overthow Queen Elizabeth.

Hilgartner, Beth. A murder for Her Majesty
Horrified at having witnessed her father's murder and fearing that the killers are agents of Queen Elizabeth I, eleven-year- Alice Tuckfield hides in the Yorkshire cathedral by disguising herself as one of the choirboys.

Lasky, Kathryn. Elizabeth I, red rose of the House of Tudor
In a series of diary entries, Princess Elizabeth, the eleven-year-old daughter of King Henry VIII, celebrates holidays and birthdays, relives her mother's execution, revels in her studies, and agonizes over her father's health.

Napoli, Donna Jo. Daughter of Venice
Frustrated with the restrictions her gender imposes on her life, fourteen-year-old Donata, disguised as a boy, sneaks out of her noble family's house to roam the streets of late sixteenth-century Venice and then must confront the repercussions of her actions.

O'Dell, Scott. The hawk that dare not hunt by day
Amid political turmoil and threats of plague, young Tom Barton accepts the risks of helping William Tyndale publish and smuggle into England the Bible he has translated into English.

Europe - 1600s

Blackwood, Gary L. The Shakespeare stealer
A young orphan boy is ordered by his master to infiltrate Shakespeare's acting troupe in order to steal the script of "Hamlet," but he discovers instead the meaning of friendship and loyalty.

Blackwood, Gary L. Shakespeare's scribe
In plague-ridden 1602 England, a fifteen-year-old orphan boy, who has become an apprentice actor, goes on the road with Shakespeare's troupe, and finds out more about his parents along the way.

Bulla, Clyde Robert. A lion to guard us
Left on their own in seventeenth-century London, three impoverished children draw upon all their resources to stay together and make their way to the Virginia colony in search of their father.

Gilson, Jamie. Stink alley
Living in Holland in 1614 with the harsh Puritan leader, William Brewster, and working for the family of a mischievous Dutch boy named Rembrandt, a spirited twelve-year-old orphan girl struggles to do what is right.

Strickland, Brad. Mutiny!

"The lawless Caribbean of the 1680s is a hotbed of sailors, spies, and pirate gold, where the line between patriot and privateer is a thin one. New to this exciting and dangerous world, fourteen-year-old orphan Davy Shea arrives a the home of his disreputable uncle Patch..."

Trevino, Elizabeth Borton de. I, Juan de Pareja
Based on "thin threads" of truth, "I, Juan de Pareja" explores the relationship between famous 17th-century Spanish painter Diego Velazquez and his black slave, Juan de Pareja. Written in first person as if Juan is really telling his story, it is the chronicle of much of Juan's life and and his colorful experiences as apprentice to a master painter.

Europe - 1700s

Conlon-McKenna, Marita. Fields of home
In the latter part of the nineteenth century, their varied circumstances in Ireland and in America convince Peggy and Michael O'Driscoll and Eily O'Driscoll Powers of the importance of family.

Hendry, Frances Mary. Quest for a kelpie
In the days before the Scottish uprising of 1745 against the English throne, a young girl fantasizes about riding a wild horse.

Henty, G. A. In the reign of terror: the adventures of a Westminster boy
Harry Sandwith, a Westminster boy, becomes a resident at the chateau of a French marquis, and after various adventures accompanies the family to Paris at the crisis of the Revolution.

Hesse, Karen. Stowaway
A fictionalized journal relates the experiences of a young stowaway from 1768 to 1771 aboard the Endeavor which sailed around the world under Captain James Cook.

McCaughrean, Geraldine. Plundering paradise
Left penniless in eighteenth century England, fourteen-year-old Nathan Gull and his mousy sister Maud accompany Tamo, the son of a notorious pirate, to his homeland of Madagascar where they are all changed by their encounter with Tamo's dangerous past.

Nichol, Barbara. Beethoven lives upstairs
The letters that ten-year-old Christoph and his uncle exchange show how Christoph's feelings for Mr. Beethoven, the eccentric boarder that shares his house, change from anger and embarrassment to compassion and admiration.

Schmidt, Gary D. Anson's way
While serving as a British Fencible to maintain the peace in eighteenth-century Ireland, Anson finds that his sympathy for a hedge master, a teacher devoted to teaching Irish children their forbidden language and culture, places him in conflict with the law of King George II.

Wiley, Melissa. Down to the bonny glen
In Scotland in 1791, eight-year-old Martha Morse, who would grow up to become the great-grandmother of author Laura Ingalls Wilder, meets her new governess and learns the difference between growing up a laird's daughter and a child of a cottager.

Europe - 1800s

Aiken, Joan. Black hearts in Battersea
Simon, the foundling from the earlier book, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, arrives in London to meet an old friend and pursue the study of painting, but he finds himself in the middle of a wicked crew's plan to overthrow good King James and the Duke and Duchess of Battersea.

Aiken, Joan. The wolves of Willoughby Chase
The story of how two young girls survive the misdeeds of their wicked governess with the help of Simon, the goose boy.

Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre
In early nineteenth-century England, an orphaned young woman accepts employment as a governess and soon finds herself in love with her employer who has a terrible secret.

Cole, Sheila. The dragon in the cliff: a novel based on the life of Mary Anning
Recounts the girlhood of the woman who made many of the important fossil discoveries in the early nineteenth century, yet never received the credit she deserved.

Dodge, Mary Mapes. Hans Brinker or, The silver skates, a story of life in Holland
A young boy tells of his life in Holland in the 1800s.

Doherty, Berlie. Street child
A novel based on the life of Jim Jarvis, a young orphan who escapes the workhouse in London in the 1860s and survives brutal treatment and desperate circumstances until he is taken by Dr. Barnardo, founder of a school for the city's "ragged" children.

Giff, Patricia Reilly. Nory Ryan's song
When a terrible blight attacks Ireland's potato crop in 1845, twelve-year-old Nory Ryan's courage and ingenuity help her family and neighbors survive.

Holub, Josef. The robber and me
Because he knows that the man accused of robbery is innocent, an eleven-year-old orphan struggles to find courage to reveal the truth to his uncle in their small German village in 1867.

Howard, Ellen. The gate in the wall
In nineteenth-century England, ten-year-old Emma, accustomed to long working hours at the silk mill and the poverty and hunger of her sister's house, finds her life completely changed when she inadvertently gets a job on a canal boat carrying cargoes between several northern towns.

Europe - 1900s

Aaron, Chester. Gideon: a novel
After losing family and friends, Gideon must bury religion and identity in order to survive the Warsaw ghetto and Treblinka concentration camp during World War II.

Anderson, Margaret Jean. Searching for Shona
During the evacuation of children from Edinburgh in the early days of World War II, shy, wealthy Margaret on her way to relatives in Canada trades places and identities with the orphaned Shona bound for the Scottish countryside.

Cooper, Susan. Dawn of fear
Three English children, fascinated by the war air raids, gradually become aware of true fear and horror when they seek vengeance on an opposing gang that destroyed their hideaway.

Drucker, Malka. Jacob's rescue: a Holocaust story
In answer to his daughter's questions, a man recalls the terrifying years of his childhood when a brave Polish couple, Alex and Mela Roslan, hid him and other Jewish children from the Nazis. Based on a true story.

Frank, Rudolf. No hero for the kaiser
Jan, a fourteen-year-old Polish boy whose town is invaded in World War I, joins a German battalion and experiences the horrors of battle.

Gehrts, Barbara. Don't say a word
Living in Berlin during World War II, Anna finds herself and her family growing more and more aware of the dangerous direction in which her country is moving as her friends start to die.

Hunter, Mollie. A sound of chariots
A young girl growing up in Scotland after World War I tries to come to terms with her grief over her father's death and her increasing sense of the passage of time.

Isaacs, Anne. Torn thread
In an attempt to save his daughter's life, Eva's father sends her from Poland to a labor camp in Czechoslovakia where she and her sister survive the war.

Lingard, Joan. Tug of war
Follows the fortunes of the Peterson family as they flee their native Latvia before the advancing Russian armies in late 1944 and find themselves homeless refugees in a war-torn Germany.

Lowry, Lois. Number the stars
In 1943, during the German occupation of Denmark, ten-year-old Annemarie learns how to be brave and courageous when she helps shelter her Jewish friend from the Nazis.

Magorian, Michelle. Back home
Sent to America from England at age seven to escape war-torn England, Rusty returns five years later to go to a strict English boarding school and renew her relationship with her family, who now seem like strangers to her.

Maguire, Gregory. The good liar
Now an old man living in the United States, Marcel recalls his childhood in German-occupied France, especially the summer that he and his older brother Rene befriended a young German soldier.

Matas, Carol. Daniel's story
Daniel, whose family suffers as the Nazis rise to power in Germany, describes his imprisonment in a concentration camp and his eventual liberation.

Orgel, Doris. The devil in Vienna
A Jewish girl and the daughter of a Nazi have been best friends since they started school, but in 1938 the thirteen-year-olds find their close relationship difficult to maintain.

Reuter, Bjarne B. The boys from St. Petri
In 1942, a group of young men begin a series of increasingly dangerous protests against the German invaders of their Danish homeland.

Shemin, Margaretha. The empty moat
As World War II progresses, a sixteen-year-old girl in occupied Holland becomes more and more aware that she cannot remain aloof from the war despite fear of arousing the displeasure of Nazis.

Vos, Ida. Anna is still here
Thirteen-year-old Anna, who was a "hidden child" in Nazi-occupied Holland during World War II, gradually learns to deal with the realities of being a survivor.

Vos, Ida. Dancing on the bridge of Avignon
Relates the experiences of a young Jewish girl and her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

Westall, Robert. Time of fire
In England during World War II, with his mother dead from a German bomb and his father off in training and action but keeping him informed by letter, Sonny tries to understand the darkest truths of war and retribution.

Williams, Laura E. Behind the bedroom wall
Thirteen-year-old Korinna must decide whether to report her parents to her Hitler youth group when she discovers that they are hiding Jews in a secret space behind Korinna's bedroom wall.