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Community Conversations on Compassion and Civility

The Keene Public Library invites community members to participate in the a series of civic reflection conversations and to engage in the deep exploration of the themes of compassion and civility. Conversations will take place at the library on Tuesday July 17, August 21 and September 18 at 7:00 p.m. Civic reflection is an innovative approach that has been successfully implemented by humanities councils across the country to engage citizens in discussions of important issues that affect civic life.

Conversations begin with a focused discussion of a selected reading, poem, film or other text. A trained facilitator guides participants through a reflection process that encourages critical analysis, asking questions, and self-expression. Through civic reflection, individuals are invited to step into a hospitable space where they may critically think and talk about the values and choices we make while living together as a community.

Civic reflection discussions can help us talk more comfortably about values and think more deeply about choices.  Civic reflection discussions encourage participants to freshly consider the deep principles and commitments on which their own actions depend.  This kind of discussion is not intended to culminate in consensus or in immediate action, though it generally builds the connections that help inspire actions.

This series of events is part of our Building Common Ground: Discussions of Community, Civility and Compassion programs, which has been made possible through a grant from the American Library Association and the Fetzer Institute. For more information, please contact Gail Zachariah at 603-352-0157.